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The video next shows the effect of Vidatox on cancer cells.

Scorpion venom has been used in traditional medicine in some countries such as China and India to treat various diseases. Wider uses include the treatment of seizures, pain and cancer.

In natural circumstances, scorpion venom, is an opalescent liquid, milky white, with a pH 7.12, containing inorganic salts, mucopolysaccharides, enzymes and various proteins including peptides with molecular masses lower than 8 kDa. The recent scientific publications recognize the potential of scorpion venom in cancer treatment, as it was observed during the in vitro inhibition of cell growth and apoptosis existence as an event of cell death. In Cuba, scorpion venom Rhopalurus junceus, has been used for therapeutic purposes since the nineteenth century, when it was created the so-called "oil Scorpion" which has been used to treat urinary retention.

However, the true potential antitumor was not noticed until the early 80th to Guantanamo, from empirical studies. So far, the composition of the venom of this scorpion and its effect on tumor cells is not known, but the Labiofam (Cuban pharmaceutical company) decided to determine the cytotoxicity of scorpion venom in question and the relative fractions of the protein crops tumor and various normal human cell (healthy).

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